Uh Oh? Mo’nique Faces Backlash and Possible NDA Breach Problems for Netflix Boycott Request!

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It seems that Mo’nique is mad and wants all of America or perhaps just all of Black America, wait no, maybe the women of America or Netflixers all everywhere, because she believes Netflix gave her a lowball offer of $500,000 for her special.

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Yes, $500K is a lot of money but we’d all admit that it’s nothing compared to what Amy Schumer ($13m), Chris Rock ($20m) and Dave Chappelle ($20m) were paid for their respective comedy specials.

Mo’nique appealed to her 225,000 Instagram followers to boycott Netflix for gender/racial bias. Mo’nique you’re one of few black women to hold the title of “Oscar Winning Actress,” Why in 45 fucks do you only have 225,000 followers?

In 2018, fame nor fortune is simply about critical acclaim or academy awards; it’s about quantifiable social capital. Given this dismal digital footprint Mo’nique doesn’t have enough quantifiable social capital to make these sort of demands of any company offering her anything. Sorry sis’ you gon’ have to work this one out on yo’ own! Also, most of your followers are regular black folk; do you really think people are going to sympathize with your rich girl problem? Seems as though your problem is that you have unrealistic expectations on top of the fact that you might need to go agent shopping. Either way, we will offer you a lil’ piece of advice. With all due “respeck” Baby Girl… #GTFOHWTBS = translation, Get the f*@% outta here with that bullshit. Spend some of your $$$ and improve yo own brand, getcho social media game up and get with the program.

Michael Blackson humorously expressed the problem with her request. Check out his crazy rebutlle in this Instagram post.

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Sorry Monique but neegas are not boycotting @netflix

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The responses just keep coming, check out these hilarious responses to Mo’nique’s call for a Netflix boycott:

Okay, but sereiously Kev On Stage, now you gon’ have #Netflix reviewing our f*@%ing accounts?!

Perhaps you agree with BK, these are rich people problems?

What do you think? Has Mo’Nique Gone Too Far?

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